about us

Beth Olsen earned her Masters in Music from Vander Cook College in Chicago. Her undergraduate degrees come from Chicago's Moody Bible Institute and Heritage University, Indianapolis, IN. Beth was personally trained in Massage Therapy and received her degree from Indiana Business College. She has taken CrainoSacral Therapy I, II and III (SER) from Upledger Institute, based on the studies of Dr. John Upledger, D.O., Palm City Garden, Florida.

Carol Sue Richhart received her Masters from Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois, and her undergraduate degrees from Cedarville University, OH, Heritage University and Indiana Business College, Indianapolis, IN, with personal training and additional hours for CranioSacral Therapy I.II.III, through Upledger Institute, Palm City Garden, Florida.

With well over a 1,000 hours in Massage therapy alone, Beth and Carol have worked with children young and old: pre-school through High School, as well as young adults through Senior Citizens. Their pursuit has been to help people of all ages to find their own good health for over 30 years. Many have utilized music to help bridge the gap of wellness. Along with music, others have discovered enriched health through the venue of CranioSacral Therapy. Thanks to Dr. John Upledger, and the Upledger Institute, new wellness has been fulfilled in many lives, even Alzheimer's patients and children labeled ADD/ADHD and autism.

The latest addition to their therapies is "The Circuit of Welllness". The Wellness Pro 2010 has over a 1,000 settings that have been FDA cleared for PAIN and for ARTHRITIS. The HTE Company compliments the physiotherapy with the Advanced ERE, E-Power, Grande HotHouse and the Chi Machine. Certain machines have been used to aid in adding oxygen to the body and weight loss. Others have helped to boost energy and decrease parasitic activity. Check them out on our website at www.RejuvenationMMS.com., or call to schedule an appointment @ (317) 352-9787.

Carol Richhart and Beth Olsen are the Owners of Rejuvenation Station, located at 23 South Downey Avenue, in Historical Irvington. The 108 year old Victorian Home Office is a welcomed place of peace and comfort to all who enter there. The newly added "Circle of Wellness", includes 6 machines in addition to hands-on therapies, to help enhance wellness. Personal time is given for each individual client as well as Wellness Enrichment in the Corporate World, which is giving business owners a new look at saving money for themselves as well as their employees.