client testimonials

Read about how our clients have benefited from our services.

"I want to thank Eyelyn for bringing me to your house. I did not open my eyes until seven o’ six this morning which is very unusual for me. I have more freedom of arm movement than I ever have and no pain through my shoulder blades today. I am more flexible getting up and down off the floor. Thank very much."

"I had developed a great deal of pain on one side of my neck. After two treatments, it is nearly pain free with just a few minor twinges. I intend to have another treatment soon."

“My lower back has caused me pain for years. After a few sessions I was able to move around again and my pain disappeared!"

"After 15 years, I no longer have bursitis (inflammation) in my hip."

"My legs and ankles no longer have edema (excess watery fluid in tissue)."

"I now can lie totally flat on my back with my knees down."

"My eyes uncrossed after 40 years and my vision has improved!"

"After three months of therapies, I no longer have Grave's Disease! (occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the thyroid gland and overproduces the hormone thyroxine.)"

"My oral surgeon was torqued! My TMJ was gone and my jaw straight!"

"My 10-year-old granddaughter had to walk on her tiptoes because she couldn't get her heals down without hurting. She had one CranioSacral Therapy session and she in fine. That has been over a year ago!"

"I'm 87-years-old and bedfast due to honeycomb bones and a broken hip. I am able to sleep the whole night through without pain when I have my CranioSacral Therapy!"

"CranioSacral Therapy has helped my scoliosis improve and it is practically gone! The Wellness Pro Machine setting for the pain of Scoliosis has helped me as well."

"My Fibromyalgia pain has vanished thanks to the Wellness Pro Machine and CranioSacral."