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Cranioscacral Therapy
This therapy is the "Cadillac" of all the massage therapies because it deals with the composition of the entire person. Bottom Line gave an excellent article in it's July '08 magazine. It states that CranioSacral Therapy is found to be more beneficial and lasting than Chiropractic Manipulations and Osteopathic Manuvers and facilitates even the connective tissue.

Massage Techniques
Choose from 5 types of massage therapy. Don’t know
which one to pick? Your massage therapist will be able
to tell you which technique will benefit your current
aches and pains the most.
Indian Marma Therapy
Swedish Massage
Integrative Massage
Lymph Drainage

We also offer pre-natal massage therapy along with craniosacral therapy for infants and children. Initial mothers visit and the baby's therapy is free!

Suffering from Mesothelioma?

Visit the official Mesothelioma website to learn how massage techniques are used during treatments for certain health conditions, like cancer, to ease muscle tension and induce relaxation.

Raindrop Therapy
60 Minute Session
Combines aromatherapy utilizing over 50 drops of organic essential oils with techniques of massage and reflexology.

Pre and Post-Natal Massage
Pricing upon request
Releases connective tissue but is non-invasive so toxins are not released. CranioSacral Therapy does not release toxins that would be harmful to mother or baby. Baby’s therapy is free when moms schedule their initial post-natal massage.

Anti-Aging Facial Massage
60 Minute Session
This innovative facial massage encompasses a variety of massage techniques that utilize a patented proprietary blend of products with anti-aging properties. The natural face lift is enhanced by the use of organic essential oils that are readily absorbed into the tissues at a cellular level.

Cellulite Essential Oil Massage
Specialized massage technique to aid in the reduction of cellulite; fat tissue and toxin release.

Corporate Chair Massage
15 Minute Session
60 Minute Session
This technique is performed to reduce and help stress
management, Carpal Tunnel and lower back pain.
>>Corporate office hours and pacakages are available!

Our Quest for Wellness Room
60 Minute Session:

Our room features patented FDA regulated medical devices that use thermal, motion , high and low electrical energy, high and low frequency electrical energy and sound wave Hz frequency all at a cellular level. SOQI spa features triple action detox and weight loss.
These medical devices aid in:
-weight release & management
-stress and pain reduction
-increased circulation
-oxygen & lymph flow
Our certified therapists are ready to assist you on your quest for wellness and weight release. This room features a Chi Machine, Wellness Pro 2010, ERE, Hot House and SOQI Table(burns 900+ calories in one hour, E-power(only machine that gives you energy). These medical devices aid in weight loss as well as weight management; cellulite massage and wrap; stress and pain reduction; increased circulation; oxygen and lymph flow. With the use of these devices, the right spice and detox you too can lose weight and have fun doing so! You don't have to lose an arm or even a leg in our wellness program for you. Extended home care packages available. Our certified qualified therapists are ready to assist you on your quest for wellness and weight loss.

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Air Quality Test Kit
The kit has everything needed to conduct up to 5 indoor air quality tests. Test the air in a room, and see for yourself what is floating around in your home or business. Test it before and after you use the Boomerang Air Sanitizer, and you'll be amazed at the results.
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Natural Antioxidants & Cleanses
Body System Detox
Wellness machine session
Ph Balance products
Ear Candling
Lymph Rejuvenation Session with Chi Machine